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Welcome to our VIP section, where we list some of the great people and personalities that share a common bond through our work at William Henry. Everyone listed here is an owner or collector of WH, several of whom we've met and/or worked with personally.



Allen, Tim - actor
Bracco, Lorraine - actress
Brody, Adrien - actor/producer
Brosnan, Pierce - actor
Bruckheimer, Jerry - producer/writer
Bush, George W. - former President
Cage, Nicholas - actor
Duncan, Michael Clark - actor
Fairchild, Morgan - actress
Ford, Harrison - actor
Gibbons, Billy F. - guitarist - ZZ Top
Hewitt, Jennifer Love - actress
Hopkins, Anthony - actor
Hudson, Ernie - actor/writer
Jolie, Angelina - actress/activist

Kulongowski, Ted - governor of Oregon
Legend, John - recording artist
Mantegna, Joe - actor
Murray, Bill - actor
Pantoliano, Joe ('Joey Pants') - actor/producer
Perry, Joe - guitarist - Aerosmith
Pitt, Brad - actor/activist
Rancic, Bill - entrepreur/actor
Rancic, Giuliana - actress
Robinson Peete, Holly - actress/activist
Sambora, Richie - guitarist - Bon Jovi
Short, Martin - Actor
Stonestreet, Eric - actor
Taylor, Bob - Taylor Guitars
Williams, Vanessa - actress





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