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Writing Instruments
  F8 - Cabernet
  GG - Golden Globe Special
  RB6 - Merlot
  RB7 - Pinot
  RB8 - Cabernet
  RB9 - Zinfandel
  TW1 - Chablis

Money Clips

Divot Tools



Exclusive Edition

Quarterly One of a Kind



The William Henry Archives are here to serve multiple uses. By archiving our rich product history, we tell our story - where we have traveled along the way and the legacy we leave. Our Archives include details on past pieces, from our catalog collections to our unique Collector's pieces - how many we produced, when we made them, and the specifications for each piece.

Whether you are a new fan, or a seasoned William Henry aficionado, this comprehensive database will provide you with ample information to better understand the importance, and value, of your William Henry collection in the context of our body of work.

Note: Some of our earliest patterns may not be featured here, and our Archive is a constant work in progress, updated as our very limited and dynamic production system evolves on an almost daily basis. Feel free to contact us with questions, and we will do our best to illuminate any missing elements that pertain to pieces that you own or wish to obtain.


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