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September 2011

Made in America

Today is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 – a day etched into our collective consciousness as Americans, a day where we understood our bonds and shared destiny in a way unlike any other day (or event) in my lifetime.  We’ve lost most of that goodwill in the years since – returning to our focus on difference rather than on common ground, on strife rather than harmony, on ourselves instead of our community.  All this at the highest levels, watching our ‘leaders’ behave like schoolyard children without a responsible parent in sight.  It is hard to watch, and harder to swallow on this day especially.

We are all made in America, whether we’ve been here for generations or landed last year, we are the fabric of this nation and this nation will shape us as we shape it.  I have a very small circle of influence – my family and my business - that is my slice of America.  With those I’m closest to and in constant interaction with, I can (try to) create meaningful relationships and strive to the American ideal of independence while embracing a community without which my efforts would be meaningless and yield nothing.  None of us can do this alone, none of us can reverse the tides, but together we can shape a better tomorrow.

William Henry is my chance to try to shape a better tomorrow, not only for myself and my family but for everyone who interacts with this company and its products, from my employees to subcontractors to retailers to customers.  It’s a very small sphere of influence, but I take it seriously and always look to create real benefit, and act out of decency and kindness, with every decision I make. 

In the end, it is about how we live and how our actions impact others – our legacy is written by our survivors, not by ourselves.  The legacy of the heroes of 9/11 is our shared grief, and pride, as Americans.  The legacy of William Henry is a story still being written, and I hope it is one imbued with decency, principle, service, and that rare combination of humility and pride that can only be described as Made in America.


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Matt Conable - Founder




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