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Billy F. Gibbons - ZZ Top


Billy F Gibbons, ax man for the legendary rock trio ZZ Top, is a long-time WH fan. Here he is, famous beard and all, hanging with Matt after a recent show in CA. Billy is holding the original B12 Anthem, a special piece that Matt created using a complex ‘mosaic damascus’ blade steel that includes the iconic ‘ZZ Top’ logo forged into the patterned steel. Check out the photo and look closely at the blade: how many times can you find ZZ Top in the fabric of the steel?

This knife took almost three years to make, and was the prototype for a 50 piece limited edition (SOLD OUT) that was voted Investor/Collector Knife of the Year 2009 by the knife industry.

Currently, Billy and Matt are in ongoing conversation about what the next project will be; and it’s sure to be worth the wait!



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